T. Gluck and Company’s story began in 1938 when founder Tobias Gluck escaped Nazi persecution in Vienna and re-settled himself in Havana, Cuba. In Havana, Tobias established his small diamond trading business built on the principles of fairness, quality and service.

At the end of the Second World War, Tobias -- now a successful trader -- moved to New York's famous Diamond District on 47th Street. Tobias was soon
joined by his son, Sidney and son-in-law, Michael Ellis. Sid's keen eye for quality and value, and Mike's energy, drive and vision positioned T. Gluck for rapid growth.

They built T. Gluck and Company with the goal of supplying national and regional jewelers with large
and rare diamonds, focusing on quality product
and fair pricing. The company that started as a
small“supplier to the trade” became an industry
leader in Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry.

The T. Gluck inventory features certified
diamonds of the highest quality,
ranging in size from
1.00 carat to


20.00 carats, in both round and fancy
shapes. Our selection includes colorless,
near colorless as well as natural fancy colors.
We are also proud to offer a beautiful selection
of finished jewelry. 

Today, in its 75th year of business and its third generation
of family ownership, T. Gluck and Company is an international market leader with a time-honored tradition
of quality, service and excellence. 

Our extraordinary team of diamantaires - Mark Ellis, Gideon Kamil, Luarie Fermo and Kenny Linsky - lead a company that has grown from strength to strength.  Our staff includes jewelry experts educated at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with many years of professional experience who treasure our past, but understand that our future is based on the continued success of "your business".

What started with Tobias in Cuba, flourished in New York with Mike and Sidney, and today, the success of our company is driven by a simple and straightforward philosophy to doing business -- Strive each and every day to maintain our reputation of Honesty, Integrity and Reliability with each client we serve.